In an attempt to shut down free speech online, Turkey enacted a law that requires social media platforms with more than a million daily users in Turkey to open an office there or assign a representative who is legally accountable to Turkish authorities. Among other things, the law also requires companies to respond within two

Foreign websites that use geotargeted advertising may be subject to personal jurisdiction in the United States, even if they have no physical presence in the United States and do not specifically target their services to the United States, according to a new ruling from the Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals.

In UMG Recordings, Inc. v. Kurbanov, twelve record companies sued Tofig Kurbanov, who owns and operates the websites: and These websites enable visitors to rip audio tracks from videos on various platforms, like YouTube, and convert the audio tracks into downloadable files.

The record companies sued Kurbanov for copyright infringement and argued that a federal district court in Virginia had specific personal jurisdiction over Kurbanov because of his contacts with Virginia and with the United States more generally. Kurbanov moved to dismiss for lack of personal jurisdiction, and 地方法院批准了他的动议.
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In a move that might be part of a YouTube与联邦贸易委员会达成的和解协议, the video-sharing site said it will 禁止可能会被儿童观看的视频上的“定向”广告。由于定向广告依赖于收集的有关平台用户的信息,因此向儿童展示此类广告

As regular readers of Socially Aware 已经知道,未经版权拥有者授权,使用照片或其他内容的公司有很多潜在的陷阱。例如,公司因以下原因面临版权侵权索赔: use of photos 从推特拉。索赔甚至来自以下方面的普遍做法: embedding tweets 在博客和网站上,我们已经看到了 flurry of stories 最近有关摄影师起诉名人发布自己照片的信息。

Now there is another potential source of liability: the appearance of murals in the background of photographs used in advertisements. In at least two recent cases, automotive companies have faced claims of copyright infringement from the creators of murals painted on buildings that appear in the backgrounds of ads.

最近,在联邦地方法院 Eastern District of Michigan, Mercedes Benz sought a declaratory judgment that its photographs, taken in Detroit (with permits from the city) and later posted on Instagram, did not infringe the copyrights of three defendants whose murals appeared in the backgrounds of those photographs.
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In March, Socially Aware reported on a lawsuit 涉及几个著名新闻媒体在Twitter上发布的NFL四分卫汤姆·布雷迪的照片。此案有可能推翻版权法和互联网法规则,用 Forbes columnist,“媒体公司已将超过

A federal district court in California has added to the small body of case law addressing whether it’s permissible for one party to use another party’s trademark as a hashtag. The court held that, for several reasons, the 9th Circuit’s nominative fair use analysis did not cover one company’s use of another company’s trademarks as

A new law in Australia 导致社交媒体公司未能从其平台中删除“令人讨厌的暴力内容”,并处以巨额罚款。法律还规定,社交媒体公司的高管如果未能删除内容,可能会被判入狱。


As consumers increasingly communicate and interact through social media platforms, courts have had to grapple with how to apply existing laws to new ways of communicating, as well as disseminating and using content. Sometimes, however, traditional legal standards apply to these new platforms in a straightforward manner. At least, that is what the court found in Dancel v. Groupon, Inc.,是针对Groupon,Inc.的一项集体诉讼,指控Groupon使用最初发布在社交媒体网站Instagram上的图像侵犯了用户在《 Illinois Right of Publicity Act (IRPA).

Groupon, a website that offers consumers deals on goods and services, built a widget intended to provide its users a window into businesses for which Groupon offered deals. The widget used Instagram’s API to find photos that Instagram users had taken at particular locations, and then displayed those images under the deals offered on Groupon’s own website.  When a visitor to the Groupon page hovered his or her mouse over the Instagram images, the Groupon user could see the username of the person who posted the photo on Instagram and an associated caption, if there was one.

拥有用户名“ meowchristine”的Instagram帐户的Dancel,在餐厅前拍摄了自己和男友的自拍照,并将其与 tag 注明餐厅名称。 Groupon随后展示了这张照片,以及与同一家餐厅达成的交易。
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New York is now one of the 43 states where “revenge porn,” 未经受试者同意将明确的照片或视频发布到Internet上,将受到法律制裁。了解各州的进展情况-找出截至2014年有多少人将复仇色情定为刑事犯罪, when Socially Aware first covered the

In what is being described as “第一个将此类销售视为非法的和解协议”,纽约总检察长莱蒂西亚·詹姆斯(Letitia James)与一家公司达成和解,该公司一直在几个社交媒体平台上销售假粉丝,喜欢和观点。 阅读销售产生了多少收入 for the